ClearLime is a social media consultancy that specializes in helping small business utilize various social media channels to promote brand awareness, increase sales and to converse and engage customers on various channels.

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Social Nuggets

Social Media Nuggets are short tips for social media success in small business.   Not only must you listen on social media, you must hear what your followers are saying. Better not to be on social media than to have […]

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ClearLime can be reached by phone or email or via the social media channels listed below: Twitter – www.twitter.com/ericdytzel Facebook – www.facebook.com/clearlime  

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Social Media Reviews and Consults – If you are a small business in need of a review of your social media strategy or if you are looking to start using social media for business for the first time, ClearLime is […]

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Sample Social Media Content Plan for Restaurants

Social Media Content Plans for Restaurants

Restaurants are the ideal business to take full advantage of social media to increase their brand awareness, to attract new customers and to keep their current customers coming back. Here is a sample of what a social media content plan […]

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How To Lose A New Twitter Follower In One Easy Step

Social Media Tips for Twitter

I have noticed a trend on Twitter lately. I don’t know if it is because I have been reaching out to more followers or if it is just because more people are viewing Twitter and a sales tool. That trend […]

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Top 5 Tips From Social Media Industry Leaders – September 22, 2015

Social Media Tips

Over the last week I have read a lot of great information from those in the social media industry. Here are the Top 5 Tips from these social media leaders that I have found to very helpful and I want […]

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Why Social Media is Perfect for the Restaurant Business

Social Media Tips for Restaurants

Why Social Media is Perfect for the Restaurant Business Do you have a restaurant or a food truck? If so, are you using the latest social media channels to get the word out to your community about what is being […]

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Using Social Media in Small Business

Social media tips for small business

Just think, ten years ago social media was just “some new thing” that kids were doing. Now in most cases it is at the center of most marketing plans. That is especially true for small businesses that have very limited […]

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30 Topics For Facebook

Are you stumped over what to post on Facebook? Sometimes when developing a content plan for a small business we draw a blank or think that we have already posted that subject. That is when you sit down with a […]

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Saving Periscope Broadcasts with Katch

Periscope and Katch - Saving your broadcast

It is amazing how quickly things change and we learn in the world of social media.  My previous post this morning was about recording your Periscope broadcast and simultaneously doing a second camera recording for YouTube or Facebook.  Well, since […]

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