It Is Okay To Let Your Personality Show Through On Your Business Facebook Page

personalityFacebook is all about conversation with your followers. Engagement is what will make your Facebook page a success.  When you are presenting your product or service via social media it is okay to let your personality shine through in the conversation. In fact it is to your advantage to do so.

People like to know whom they are dealing with online. By being yourself on Facebook, your followers will get to know you and their level of trust will greatly increase.  And that conversation doesn’t have to be all about business. Let some of your personal life show as well. Go ahead and occasionally post a couple photos or videos of you and your family or something you truly care about. Then your Facebook business page profile becomes even more personable and likeable.

As your business grows, keep your social media channels professional but personable. The more someone likes you, the more they will share your services and products and the larger your customer base will be.  So be you and shine, shine, shine.  You will be glad you did and so will your followers.

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Are You Still Confused About Twitter And What It Is All About

twitterconfusionDoes Twitter still confuse you?  Are you still unsure about this whole 140 character social media system? Does it just not make sense? That’s OK….  even though Twitter is immensely popular there are still a lot of people who just don’t get it. DashBurst has an excellent article on their website about Twitter entitled “TWITTER 101: What is Twitter Really About?“  This is a great introduction to Twitter for those who are wanting to learn more.  I give it a big thumbs up as it is packed with great information.  Here is a small sample:

9. Twitter for Business

Twitter is an unbelievable resource for businesses to grow their audiences, increase traffic and generate more leads. With over 400 million tweets a day and 200 million active users, people tune into Twitter to bring them closer to the things they care about. You should look to have at least a personal profile and a separate one for your business too! Having a great business profile gives your brand credibility on social media…. 

Take some time and really explore this article if you are serious about wanting to use Twitter for your small business. “TWITTER 101: What is Twitter Really About?

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A Few Things To Consider When Planning Your Social Media Strategy

A few things to consider when developing your social media plan:

  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Are you using the right social platform to reach them?
  • What makes your customers and potential followers tick?
  • Are you publishing content that speaks to those motivators?
  • What is your end goal? Sales? Reach? Leads?

Need help developing your social media plan? Contact and let’s talk.

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Why Twitter is the Perfect Social Media Channel for Restaurants

twitter-restaurantIf you are a restaurant owner and you are not using Twitter, you are losing out on a great opportunity to connect with your patrons. It is almost as if Twitter was made for the restaurant industry.

Twitter will allow you to send out specials to your patrons such as specials of the day, or a reminder of guest performer for the evening or even reminding your customers that you have a great dessert ready for them.

Setting up a Twitter account is very easy and takes about 15 minutes for a basic profile.  You can of course customize your Twitter page to reflect your restaurants image, but just to get started you simply need to sign up and complete a few basic steps and you are up and running.

How do you get followers on Twitter? Place little signs on each of your tables with your Twitter address and ask your customers to follow you.  If you have a Facebook account in place, let your Facebook followers know you are on Twitter as well and provide a link they can follow. The next time you update your menu put your Twitter address on the bottom. Another way is to get a nice decal for your door showing your Twitter address to customers as they enter or leave your establishment.

So, what are you waiting for restaurant owner? Get on Twitter and start communicating with your customers and keep your name in front of them.

Here are a couple great examples of restaurant Twitter accounts:

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Add Pinterest To Your Social Mix When Visuals Are Part of Your Offering Strategy

Does your business rely on visuals to highlight your product or service? For instance are you a Lawn Care Business or a Craft business…. then you should by all means add Pinterest to your social mix. Using Pinterest to highlight your visually based product of services is a very smart move, especially with the given popularity of this rather new social network.


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